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May 15, 2014, 05:48:27 AM by Mick
Views: 746 | Comments: 39

So I've been working on the map again for the last week and it's my new priority (for now) as a lot of progress has been made and I can somewhat see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know what you're all thinking. "WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE READY?". I can't tell you, but to predict I'd say a month if I keep working hard on it. There is a lot more to it than there seems, I mean one building can take you a few hours so please be patient.

Now for alpha testing. I was going to ask that player's can reply to this thread if they want to be an Alpha tester but this thread would be spammed with "I DO!" so I'll publicly release a .rar with the alpha files in when it is ready. You don't need to keep checking back here, I'll notify you in-game or in the shoutbox when the alpha is ready.

Want to earn some easy RP cash? I'll be paying $5000 for each glitch/bug you can find on the map to ensure the quality is at it's best. And finding glitches/bugs isn't just running around checking the map out, it's checking every tiny detail for maybe missing textures, textures that are out of place, or parts of the map that "just don't look right".

New rules may need to come with the new map. A definite one is that roof-bases will be restricted when the map is released. Also, low-grav may be removed as a donator perk to ensure fairness is kept due to the map's scale.

Please leave any further suggestions for:
a) New Regions
b) Buildings and Building ideas
c) Scenery ideas
d) Environmental feels

The Main Town
1 Vendor Shop
1 General Shop
6 Regular Apartments (all unique)
2 Penthouse Apartments
1 Bar (the bar is actually found on a floor of the apartments, it's like an en-suite bar, in a way.. I guess..
Police Station
Seperate Government building (will be owned by the Mayor, maybe?)
Spawn Building (called "The Shard", will spawn here most likely and NPCs will be here)
1 Medium General Building
Small Gas Station
Large NBC Building (good for bases)

The Industrial Area
1 Medium sized compound
2 Medium sized warehouses (one is a powerplant, other is a general warehouse with a small private outside area)
1 Large gang warehouse
2 Slums Buildings
A bridge that separates the two halves of the industrial area with a small river under

Here are some screenshots of the industrial area's progress. REMEMBER, THIS ISN'T A FINAL VERSION.

DONT H8, LONG HAIR DON'T CARE. I've only got the structures done, the proper detail isn't in yet.
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