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July 29, 2014, 02:50:45 AM by Mick
Views: 927 | Comments: 82

So, I want to hear some good community ideas for certain areas of the server. I'll outline a few ideas below and I want you to voice opinions that are serious, and you believe have a good chance of making the server more enjoyable while keeping our realistic feel. Please don't suggest any stupid ideas that are unlikely to be added. This is simply just to save time.

1. A Method for CP to Earn Money
Criminal jobs have a strong method of earning money, and it's been long-needed that CPs earn money. So we need a system that fairly rewards CPs with money, and make sure the system cannot be abused!

e.g. - If you are going to suggest "ARRESTING GIVES MONEY!" then minges can re-arrest their friends over and over to exploit it.

2. A New Fun Goal to do In-Game
Seeing as the main goal of the server at the moment is to gain money by printing and growing weed, I want a new goal that players can spend time doing. Mostly a fun/non-serious idea is what I'm most interested in. So surprise me, give me any ideas here.

I'll read and review all of these, so don't hold any ideas back!
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